Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Day with colleagues

Joel holding baby Chad on his own (for a few minutes). He loves babies!
Baby Chad is Brooke's baby brother, and Joel informed us shortly thereafter
that we should pray for another baby for our family. Hm...

James with Ed Lauber, good friend and our director visiting this month:

Little girls had a head start (Anna and Brooke).
And no, I didn't curl her hair, it just does that on its own!

That smile says she just figured out that they have 'tandy' inside!!

Kids conspire on how best to get the egg up high on a tree branch.

Run for it!! Akiki, Maziga and James race and search.

Burning hot! (i.e. SO close to an egg! Can you see it?)

Colleagues and neighbors watching

Our most serious hunter (looking for the last egg in the grass)


Michelle said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great day! Thanks for the pics... I really enjoy them!

The Six of Us said...

God hears the prayers of his children :)