Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random: How differently two Kim's can carry

Something that has been in my blogging 'queue' for months now, just
never happened. I wanted to blog about Anna around her birthday and
came across 'before' and 'after' pictures that are fun. And since
almost none of my American friends have witnessed me in a pregnant
state, I'll share these. My friend Kim and I were expecting around
the same time, 2 weeks apart from each other. They served one
country south of us, but came up for the birth.

Little baby Jack arrived Dec. 23 and Anna arrived Jan. 8! We ended
up delivering in the same room and staying in the same recovery
room! {Joel was utterly confused by that and continued to call his
new sister 'baby Jack' for weeks!} What I find fascinating is that
even weeks later, the babies in our arms are a similar shape to
what they were 'in utero'. Of course, they were upside down then,
but see for yourself how differently two Kim's can carry!

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