Tuesday, April 7, 2009

James and Charles

This is a precious picture to me. Not because of what it looks like,
but because of what it meant for James. Our last Sunday with our
close friends in Kenya was a 'high tea' send-off to remember! At
the end of it all, as we were getting in the car to leave, James was
teary-eyed and hugging his new friend Charles. I'm actually not
quite sure if Charles was there for the first time with extended
family, or if he really is an orphan, but James asked him if his
parents were around. They were not. James could sense his
opportunity to care for someone with needs greater than his own.

It was the first time I've seen such compassion rise out of James'
heart, and it was beautiful to see. He was hugging him repeatedly
and agreed to get a picture of it. Maybe I took the picture more for
me than for James, but it was a beautiful moment. Like James
understands why we go to all this trouble to cross the globe. He
wants to help. Alleluia!

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Michelle said...

I am a very proud auntie. Go James! :)