Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why? becomes What?

A wise friend advised me that when Anna turned 3, she would begin the 'Why?' stage. Why do you cut carrots? Why do we use forks? Why do I have to wear that? Why do we eat vegetables? Why? Why? Why?! I really tried not to resort to 'Because I said so.' Thankfully the 'Why?' stage was scattered with cute hilarious toddler quotes that kept us laughing, as they tried to conceptualize a complex world.

It occured to me this week that we have switched gears. We are no longer asked 'Why?' about everything (and sadly most of the mixed up kid quotes are past as well). We are in the 'What does it mean?' stage now...
This past week I can remember:

What does 'outrageous' mean?

Mom, what does 'sacrifice' mean?

What does 'defraud' mean?

What does 'monopoly' mean?

At this rate, we won't have to do much cramming for SAT words! 

On second thought, James recently said, "Do I know lots of words?"

Yes, son. You know lots of words.

J:  Do you know more words than me?

Yes, son.

J:  Really? Like what?

Do you know 'copious'? 'luminous'? or 'amiable'?

J:  [with hunger to learn]: What do those mean?!

I rest my case.
The 'What does it mean' stage.

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