Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 2 Critters: Snails

After alluding to snails and puppy-dog tails yesterday, I thought this one fitting for today. My Joelie loves his snails. In fact, one day after a heavy rain, he grabbed an empty honey jar and filled it to the brim with little snails and moved them right into his room.

They were in his windowsill and climbing up the screens
before I was even aware of his little plan.

I finally convinced him to take pictures and moved them back outside
where they are happily eating through
my precious roses
to this day.


Corrigan family said...

I distinctly remember a childhood conversation I had with my mother, trying to convince her of the (to me, obvious and logical) reasons why my snail collection would be happy living on our living room coffee table. She won. But only because she was bigger.


Mrs. bradley said...

chickens (do they count as critters?) would love to help you save your roses..& I bet the kids would love them~ just a thought

kimom said...

Hilarious Linette! I don't think I would want to debate even the 6-yr-old you! =)

So Shannon, are you saying chickens will eat snails?? Ooooh!

Job 77 said...

Kim, I had the same thought as the previous commenter: my chickens would love to eat those snails!