Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I just love that in Emma Thomson's Sense & Sensibility little Margaret is taught to bring up the weather in the most awkward situations! It is always a safe subject. Well, after actually posting the words 'blood diamond', I am following up with a 'safe' post about weather. =)

Being raised in the Pacific NW, moderate temperatures and occasional rain are really normal to me. Living in the tropics has definitely adjusted my thermostat, but where we are it is quite comfortable (at 2,000ish ft above sea level) between 60 and 100 all year. Most days are around 80 degrees. We are just finishing our spring rains, which brings occasional thunderstorms and cool cloudy days before the dry heat of summer. A cool, rainy spring doesn't feel that strange to me.

Nor does a cool, rainy fall or a warm summer actually. It is the heat of winter that always gets me as totally bizarre. I just can't seem to curl up with hot cocoa and marshmallows before the Christmas tree listening to Bing Crosby when it's 90 degrees and sunny outside... After several years of this, I am finally starting to get used to making potato salad for New Years.

The advantage to this system is that we get flowers year-round!! (oh, and veggies too...)


Brittany Martin said...

It's fun to imagine what your kids will grow to love for traditions--I had a good friend from college who was from New Zealand. She told me that they grew up always going camping for Christmas! She had relatives in Scotland, and visited them once when she was young for the holidays. She remembers thinking that the whole hot chocolate/fireplace/snow traditions were so strange!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

That's so awesome. I live in the PNW right now and it's been raining so much!! I could so use some weather like that!