Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 5 Critters: Chameleon

Okay, so he was not found in our backyard, but a friend found him and thought our kids would have fun with him. Supposedly if you keep him on cut flowers or greens on your table he won't go anywhere. I had some lilies brought in for a treat, so onto the lilies he went!

Hello little guy!!

I absolutely love how little chameleon feet can fold in half.
Great for grabbing!
This poor guy nicknamed 'Color' by our boys was getting
lily pollen chameleon-prints all over...

As you can see he didn't camouflage himself in lily colors.
I guess some things are just too much to ask.
After a few days he was looking rather peaked.
We decided he needed more bugs then we could offer and moved him outside to the guava tree. Haven't seen him in quite some time...

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