Monday, June 25, 2012

Bye Bye Baby Tooth

The moment we've all been waiting for for weeks, 
finally arrived last night.

My baby girl lost her first tooth. 

It would really not be possible for her to be more excited about this step in growing up.

Sheer bliss of the long-awaited

James had seen it hanging by a thread and threatened to pull it out yesterday evening. They were watching Rapunzel (again?!), but decided to watch it in Spanish. [And no, they don't really speak Spanish. They just have the movie memorized. Anna was surprised to see that Rapunzel does know Spanish, and since her Mama also knows Spanish, she decided to try learning a few words.]

She just pulled it out herself somewhere when Rapunzel and her novio were singing about Las luces. =)

She kept marveling that she lost her first tooth on vacation and that it was in the same place she was born (Kenya). People here told her she is Kenyan, so now when we pass the Kenyan flag, she says 'There is my flag!" 

And in case you were wondering, the tooth fairy does make it all the way to Kenya, but prefers to do business in US Dollars...

Absolutely thrilled to be growing up!

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