Sunday, June 24, 2012

Snapshot 8: Fruit is for kids!

Walking along our muddy street last week,
I noticed a few kids throwing rocks at my house.
Band of ruffians doing harm?

You see, we have mango trees.
It's mango season.
Any fruit falling over the edge of a wall is fair game.
It's practically a law.
But sometimes the mangoes need convincing.
They chuck rocks up into the air trying to knock down a snack on their way home from school.
You see, fruit is for kids!

Remember those commercials for Trix cereal?
The rabbit always wants to taste it
and the kids always stick it to him:
"No Silly Rabbit! Trix are for kids!"

One sweltering day on which we happened to have huge luscious papayas,
I decided dinner would be fruit.
And I was the rabbit.
No Silly Rabbit! Fruit is for kids!
Guavas, papayas, passion fruit, mangoes.
Not considered dignified 'food' for adult consumption.
Trees brimming with packaged snack foods.
Free for the taking.
Perfect for hungry kids between meals.
Just climb up and pick.
Stick them with a pole.
Hit them with a rock.
They don't even have to be ripe.

You say you like mango?
No Silly Rabbit! Fruit is for kids!

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