Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snapshot 2: Evil v. Good

We hired our gardener Beleke* because of his story.
(Well, we needed one too.)
Tropical weeds grow fast. 

Last year, just as Beleke was beginning his seminary studies,
his sending church was attacked in a far away village by the LRA.
I do not know the extent of the evil inflicted there.
I'm not sure I could stomach it.
Suddenly, his scholarship/support disappeared into thin air.
His six children had to drop their studies.
He eventually had to drop his studies.
His passion became to work enough odd jobs to save up enough that they could all attend school again next year.
He has a pastor's heart for his people.
And they suffer.
Far away.

Here he tends and hoes and hums a happy tune.
Weeds and tills with a smile.
He gently brings forth life out of our sticky red clay.
We have an abundant garden full of produce and spices in his care.
Sometimes he works a night shift across town and then comes over to water seeds in the morning hours.
He deftly uses these garden tools to bring life.

In a village far away others use them to bring death.

And a verse runs through my mind...
"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."
Romans 12:21 (ESV)

*Name has been changed.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank you, thank you for this snapshot. It brings exactly the perspective I need tonight. And also reminds me of God's ability to take evil and "exploit it for His redemptive purpose" (as C.S. Lewis would say), and still be glorified, still produce good.