Friday, June 22, 2012


Just in case you haven't followed updates on facebook...

Anna did continue to improve and healed completely just in time for our long journey across Congo, Uganda and Kenya. She did amazingly well in the taxis and buses. The night before we left she downed a double serving of her dinner and topped it off with 3 small bowls of potatoes! She made up for lost time after keeping nothing in for days.

So all's well.

And none of us ever did get this flu, though we all thought about it several times and wondered... I'm fighting off a sinus infection. But what else is new?

Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement!

As I began to worry about whether this trip (much like this one!) could or should really happen given the sickness and logistical hiccups, several of my sisters from choir came over to pray for our trip. They read from Exodus where Moses heads out and God promises, "I will go with you."

This particular verse is the one that I clung to when moving to Congo. And here it was again.

As we skimmed the choppy waters of Lake Albert, a beautiful white wagtail raced us in front of the wooden motor boat (and he won). And this verse rang in my ears... "I will go with you."

As we arrived at a tough, rural immigration office and found 2 helpful strangers willing to fight for us.... "I will go with you."

As we thumped along bumpy roads in a small game park in Western Uganda, we were surrounded by gorgeous herds of gazelle... "I will go with you."

I could list tiny moments for 10 pages and not get them all. 
Sunsets, kind officials, potty stops just when we needed them, crisp apples for sale on the roadside, patient kids enduring a 14-hr bus ride without movies... 
taxis waiting for you on arrival
entertaining the kids with the reverse-cam in their car.

Overflowing grace.

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