Monday, February 2, 2009

Anna's Birthday - Photo Edition

Mom finally unpacked the camera and there are lots of photos to share now!
For my birthday dinner we went to 'Tate's house'.

Here's me with my tandles.
Check out the blowing action!

I love to jam out with my friends (it was actually a mean game of Ring Around the Rosey).
Note the pink sparkle shoes:

Three 2-yr-old blondies.

Then the next night we got to have [the free] ice cream sundae at Red Robin.
They made me share with my brothers though...

Oh wait! I think I can get a little more out of this!!!


Michelle said...

Yeah for the pics! What a cutie! :) The other day when I was helping with 2-year-olds, one of the little girls saying something that sounded like her version of my name. I almost started crying! Miss you! Love ya! Auntie Shell

Dinah Claire said...

What great moments. I'm so glad I was there for the icecream sundae throw down - and that Tom's now able to see it for himself.
Her profile is ridiculous, by the way, she's such a doll-face.
I can wait to see her singing and dancing in the African way - what a joy she must be to you :)
We miss you guys!