Thursday, February 5, 2009

Haircuts around for the tropics! (we're not in Kansas anymore Toto)

Note James' new permanent teeth!
I was trying to capture Anna's curls. I refuse to cut them for fear
they will disappear. She had just woken up from nap and in the
moisture had curled more than usual. I promise I didn't even touch
them. May I never forget...

I snapped these the night before Kent left town with the camera (for
a good cause!) just to show you that the kids are well even on the
this side of the ocean. We've the month of teeth. James lost his
first 2 and gained a 6-year molar. Anna is cutting her 2-yr molars.
Fun times! And in a land without

Off to prepare for Kenyan guests - chapati tonight, yum!
(affectionately called 'chapo' here)


Dinah Claire said...

Tom and I can't get over Anna's chubby little arms in that picture. So precious! And the boys look so old! But what else is new? We are gratefully eating your applesauce on this side of the ocean - and we couldn't love our "new" toaster more. Love to you all as always,

Michelle said...

Good to see you! Wow, James sure is getting some cool new teeth! I'm sure Joel won't be too far behind. And Anna getting her molars. Exciting! Did I mention I like your new blog background? Thanks for the update- keep them coming! Love and hugs to all...