Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ear Ouchie

Anna had a run-of-the-mill cold last week, which didn't go away and so I was suspecting her typical weakness after a week or so: ear infection. I took her to a closer doctor to avoid many hours of traffic, (our regular pediatrician is traveling around India this month). She was very panicky about seeing a doctor because she remembers getting shots. I tried to assure her that this was a very nice "grandma" doctor and that she would not have any shots. It helped... until she saw the white coat.

So she was hysterical just for someone to look at her ears and listen to her breathe. The doctor said her little heart was pounding so quickly! I've often surmised that I have doctor-induced hypertension (high BP only at the office, normal at home or out shopping) aka 'white coat syndrome' and it appears Anna's off on that same foot. I am off topic here.

So turns out that the sleepless nights, sensitivity, pain, and congestion are due to a double ear infection, one side being really quite bad. She gave us some hefty drugs and Anna's slept really well since. Alleluia! Pray this will kick the infection.

P.S. I've also since verified that there are two missionary ladies with medical training in our future town who can check ears, so I don't have to learn myself - God is good!


Michelle said...

I'm glad she's feeling better. Please give her a hug from Auntie "Shell". :)

Gretchen said...

hope she is feeling better. i have been thinking of you lately. the blog is great to read about life for you. keep it up. i am going to try and post more often so you know people are reading! tell the family hello for us.