Friday, February 20, 2009

Hoppy the friendly frog

We have a school mascot that the boys named Hoppy. He has a photo album on our facebook page, but since some of you can't access that I will post at least one picture here. Hoppy is really enjoying life in the tropics. Here you see him learning to climb bars with the boys (note the poinsettia tree and bamboo fence in the background):

He has since discovered his long lost cousin Happy who lives back in Oregon. It's a shame they didn't have the opportunity to meet in frogness before we left, but they enjoy and rich long-distance amphibian friendship. Btw, pictures of Happy are also on Facebook. Sorry to be so exclusive, but posting things in multiple places on a limited internet connection is just unwise. The boys take turns putting him to rest for the night and make up fun adventures for him. They also get to read him stories from time to time. You may see him again...

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Michelle said...

You put it so well: "rich long-distance amphibian friendship". I love it! Happy's glad to see her cousin is doing so well! Won't it be fun for them to meet someday? :)