Thursday, February 12, 2009

Huggies made my day!

So some of you know of our current needs for sizeable overnight
pull-ups, that we will need for the foreseeable future, and that I
have never seen in an African grocery store. (There were only so
many we could cram in our suitcases, and our special order cloth
covers are so bulky and hot – we're not giving up entirely yet.) My
preconceived shopping notions are being broken down here. Last week
I found a size that mostly works (up to 60 lbs), and bought the rest
of their stock (2 packages) of boy-colored ones. Funny that they
still had lots of girl ones left… They were the EXACT same thing we
were buying at home, but with international marketing (i.e.
different labeling) and were cheaper – HOW does that work?

But today, Huggies made my day! I found several packages of the
larger size that goes up to 100 lbs. SCORE! They were $12 for 9,
which is way more spendy than I wanted, but hey, I found the right
Huggies/Goodnites in Africa!!!! Some of you must know why that is
SO cool! I am praising God for these! There is, of course, no
guarantee that they will ever stock them there again, but Huggies
still made my day.

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Michelle said...

SCORE is right! Woo hoo Huggies! Yes, I do realize how cool this is. YEAH!!!