Friday, February 13, 2009

Ear Ouchie addendum

Anna started her antibiotics Monday, and I expected her fever to
drop by the second day, but even Thurs. morning she woke up early in
the morning at 101 F! She's never had an ear infection that caused a
high fever. I was baffled and about to Email the doctor today about
what else we should do, but when I got her dressed I noticed she had
no fever this morning and a nice lacey rash all over her tummy. Ah
ha!! Joel had a similar thing 2 weeks ago from the airplanes, some
kind of mild form of the measles. So the ear infection DIDN'T cause
a high fever, the measles did! =) This might explain why she was SO
miserable last weekend...

As for now, she's still tired, but singing and playing and on the mend!

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Michelle said...

Ah, poor kiddo! Give her a hug from Auntie Shell! Hope she continues to feel better. Love you guys! Oh, and might I add that you are doing GREAT at keeping updates here! I am much impressed and loving it!