Friday, February 20, 2009

Or not

So much for 'promising' animal pictures. I am turning out to be wireless-network incapable in terms of getting those. They will come eventually. Sorry about that.

I will say to update on the ant situation that our house was 'diagnosed' with 3 kinds of ants in residence: sugar ants, safari ants, and termites. Here you might be able to see one example of the spaces they make in between floorboards to come out. This is a new hole, with only 50 or so sugar ants (a few safari ones which are a bit bigger/darker):

They were eating the underside of the floorboards in a couple places and coming up everywhere, so our landlord agreed to pay for extermination ASAP. Monday they mostly all died. It has been SO much more clean and peaceful since then! YAY!

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Michelle said...

Wow, safari ants?! Don't find those in Oregon! :) Yay for anti-ants!